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Exploring dental treatments abroad through medical tourism is a hassle-free process with Dental Clinic Expert.

Share a panoramic x-ray of your dental condition with our expert team via email to start the process. Our skilled dentists will thoroughly analyze your x-ray and create a personalized treatment plan. This plan includes an initial physical examination, detailed diagnosis, long-term treatment strategies, and financial information and gives you an idea of the estimated duration and cost of your treatment.

Our approach is to offer you a variety of treatment alternatives and we decide together on the most suitable option by phone or email. Once the decision is made, we will schedule your appointment.

Our doctors will guide you on the details of your treatment, taking into account your length of stay. For example, in treatments such as dental implant applications, a recovery period of 2 to 3 months may be required before proceeding with superstructure application. The first treatment usually takes about 1 week and allows you to spend the recovery period comfortably in your home country.

Why Should You Choose Dental Clinic Expert for Health Tourism?

Our Expert Team: Dental Clinic Expert has a team of experienced and expert dentists. Carrying out your treatments with professionals who are experts in their field offers you safe and effective results.

Personalized Treatment Plans: Each individual’s tooth structure is different. Dental Clinic Expert offers personalized treatment plans specific to each patient’s needs. In this way, it allows you to get the most suitable solution for you.

Modern Technology and Innovative Treatments: Modern technology and innovative treatment methods used in our clinic provide a more comfortable and effective experience for our patients.

Health Tourism Experience: The services we offer within the scope of health tourism ensure that our patients have a comfortable trip. There is a special team to support you in your travel and accommodation processes.

Economical and Competitive Prices: Dental Clinic Expert offers more economical and competitive prices compared to European countries. It is an advantageous option considering both treatment costs and travel expenses.

Multi-Language Support: We offer multi-language support in order to better serve our international patients. You can easily communicate in English, French and other languages.

Advanced Hygiene and Sterilization Standards: Dental Clinic Expert strictly complies with international standards on hygiene and sterilization. The health of our patients is always our priority.

By choosing Dental Clinic Expert, you can benefit from our expertise and patient-oriented service approach and get a reliable and satisfaction-guaranteed experience within the scope of health tourism.

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