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Implant in One Day | Fast&Fixed Method

It is a method where you can have permanent, aesthetic and functional fixed teeth that can be used immediately with 4-6 implants on the same day, even if you have missing teeth or extracted teeth, while maintaining your social life. Our clinic has been offering these solutions to our patients with the Fast & Fixed technique for 14 years, so you can smile and continue enjoying yourself without compromising your daily life.

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Implant in One Day | Our Fast & Fixed Applications

We are at your service with our implant applications for a healthy and permanent dental solution.
Implants are used to replace missing teeth and create a structure similar to natural teeth.



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Renew Your Smile in One Day: Fast&Fixed Implant Method

It is now possible to get one step closer to the healthy smile of your dreams much faster and more effectively! With the “Implant in a Day | Fast&Fixed Method” that we offer as Dental Clinic Expert, you can experience a much faster, more practical and comfortable dental implant experience compared to traditional implant applications.

What is Fast&Fixed Implant?

Fast&Fixed Implant is a method that offers a quick solution to people who are missing teeth. With this innovative technique, 4-6 implants are placed on the same day and aesthetic and functional fixed teeth are applied immediately. This method, which is much faster than traditional implant processes, offers permanent solutions to patients without compromising their social life and dining pleasure.

What are the advantages of a one-day implant?

Quick Solution: Fast&Fixed Implant provides a permanent solution to your missing tooth problem on the same day.
Aesthetic and Functional Teeth: Fixed teeth placed on implants are similar to natural teeth both aesthetically and functionally.
Compromise on Social Life: With this method, you can continue your daily activities without disrupting your social life, thanks to the immediate application of the implants.

Who is a One-Day Implant Suitable for?

Anyone suffering from missing teeth
Those who have lost their teeth and need fixed teeth immediately
Those who cannot tolerate waiting for traditional implant processes

With Dental Clinic Expert Assurance:

As Dental Clinic Expert, we have been offering fast and effective solutions to thousands of our patients with the Fast&Fixed Implant technique for 14 years. We provide you with a comfortable treatment process with our experienced team and modern technology.

Contact us now to renew your smile in one day and get the teeth of your dreams! Your healthy and aesthetic smile awaits you with Fast&Fixed Implant.