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Protection and Processing of Personal Data Clarification Text

As Dental Clinic Expert, we are responsible for the collection, processing for the purpose of use, transfer, storage period and data privacy and protection activities of personal data in accordance with the “Law on the Protection of Personal Data” numbered 6698, within the scope of the KVKK and secondary legislation
he performs. For this purpose, we take security measures and inform you about your rights
it informs us that we attach great importance to the security of your personal data. We keep all kinds of personal data shared by our patients in a way that takes care of patient privacy and takes Jul all kinds of necessary technical and administrative measures to ensure the appropriate level of security regarding your personal data.

Ministry of Health, General Directorate of Health Information Systems, based on the article entitled Access to Health Data No. 75730711
Information about the Protection of This Personal Data, personal data protection and processing
our policy explains how we collect, use, transfer and protect your personal data during the services performed.


Dental Clinic Expert, as specified in the Law on the Protection of Personal Data
we process your personal data within the framework of legal regulations and secondary legislation provisions
and we are preserving. Your personal data can be provided within the legal framework of health services
and in this context, Dental Clinic Expert’s obligations arising from contracts and other legal
it is collected for the purpose of fulfilling its obligations fully and as required. Personal data,
although it is shaped depending on the health services provided, it is automatic or automatic
by non-methods, call center, website, online services, WhatsApp and so on
it is collected by oral, written or electronic means.

Your Personal Data;
Your name, surname, Turkish Identity number, passport number or temporary Turkish Identity number, place and date of birth, marital status, gender, patient file content created by our clinic and other identity data that we can identify you with; your address, phone number, e-mail address and other contact data, financial data such as pay, credit card, bank information and billing information; audio and/or digital information obtained by us from various times by electronic or non-electronic methods; Our Clinic
your video and/or audio camera recording images obtained and/or may be obtained during your visit; your general and special personal data, especially personal health data obtained during the execution of all medical diagnosis, examination, treatment and care services; your data related to private health insurance and Social Security Institution data, health and identity data that you send via our website, pay and billing information, including, but not limited to, your financial data, such as the necessary data, the necessary ones will be processed by our clinic.

Again, when you use our call center or our website to use Dental Clinic Expert’s online services, when you participate in training, seminars or organizations organized by our Clinic, or when you visit or browse these websites, your personal data may also be processed.

Your personal data is subject to Article 5 of the KVK Law. and 6. the personal data specified in the articles will be processed within the scope of the processing conditions and purposes. Your special personal data, especially your health data, and your general personal data may be processed by our Clinic for the following purposes;

Your personal data, including your personal data of a special nature;

– Fulfillment of our legal obligations contained in the Basic Law of Health Services No. 3359, the Decree Law on the Organization and Duties of the Ministry of Health and its Affiliated Organizations, the Regulation on Private Hospitals, the Regulation on the Processing and Confidentiality of Personal Health Data and other relevant regulations, – Protection of public health, preventive medicine, medical diagnosis, treatment and maintenance services,
– Financing planning with health services,
– Billing for our services,
– Sharing the requested information with private insurance companies within the scope of financing of health services,
– Provision of financial agreements with the institutions we have an agreement with regarding the health services offered to you;
– To be able to inform you about the appointment if you make an appointment,
– Conducting campaigns and information by message, e-mail or other means,
– Planning the internal functioning of your clinic,
– Monitoring and prevention of abuse and/or unauthorized transactions,
– Conducting scientific research,
– To be able to answer all kinds of questions and complaints about our health services,
– Taking all necessary technical and administrative measures within the scope of data security of our clinic’s systems and applications,

– To analyze your use of health services in order to improve and improve the health services we offer to you, and to keep the information about your health data, which must be stored in accordance with the legislation related to the storage of your health data,,
– It may be processed for similar purposes, including, but not limited to, measuring patient satisfaction.
In addition, your personal data may be processed within the framework of the Basic Law on Health Services No. 3359, the Decree Law No. 663 on the Organization and Duties of the Ministry of Health and its Affiliated Organizations, the Law and Regulation on Private Hospitals, the Regulation on the Processing and Protection of Personal Health Data, the regulations of the Ministry of Health and other legislative provisions, and may be stored in both digital and physical environment by transferring to physical archives and information systems belonging to Dental Clinic Expert and/or our suppliers. In addition, the data of our Clinic employees may be processed by us or by natural or legal persons with whom we cooperate or authorized in accordance with the employer’s management right for operational reasons such as increasing employee satisfaction and ensuring occupational safety and peace of mind within the scope of the obligations stipulated by the Labor Law and the Labor and Social Security Legislation and other applicable legislation.


Your personal data, within the scope of the Law and similar legislation and for the purposes listed above:
– Ministry of Health and its affiliated sub-units, Family Medicine Centers,
– Social Security Institution,
– Private insurance companies (health, pension and life insurance, etc.)
– General Directorate of Security and similar law enforcement agencies,
– Directorate of Population,
– Pharmacists Association of Turkey,
– Turkish Chamber of Dentists,
– Chief Public Prosecutors, Courts, arbitrators or arbitrators in arbitration proceedings,

– Laboratories, centers and similar third parties with which we cooperate for medical diagnosis,
– Your authorized representatives,
– The health institution to which the patient is referred or to which the patient himself applies,
– Third parties from whom we receive advice, including lawyers, tax consultants and auditors,
– Regulatory and supervisory institutions, official authorities
– 8 Of the KVKK with our suppliers, support service providers and business partners and other third parties whose services we use or cooperate with. and 9. personal data may be transferred within the framework of the processing conditions and purposes specified in the articles.

Your personal data is collected in all kinds of oral, written or electronic media within the framework of the principles set out in the KVK for the purposes listed above and in order to provide health services within the specified legal framework and to fulfill the contractual and legal obligations of Dental Clinic Expert fully and properly within this scope.


Regarding your processed personal data, in accordance with the legislation;
– To learn whether personal data has been processed or not, to request information about it if personal data has been processed,
– Accessing and requesting personal health data, learning the purpose of processing personal data and whether they are used in accordance with their purpose,
– To know the third parties to whom personal data are transferred at home or abroad,
– Requesting correction of personal data in case of incomplete or incorrect processing, requesting deletion or destruction of personal data,
– If the personal data are incompletely or incorrectly processed, to request that the correction of them and/or the deletion or destruction of the personal data be notified to the third parties to whom the personal data are transferred,
– Objecting to the occurrence of a result against the person himself by analyzing the processed data exclusively through automated systems,
– You have the right to request compensation of the damage if the personal data is damaged due to illegal processing.

Dental Clinic Expert protects your personal data in accordance with the legal regulations ordered by the law. Administrative and technical security measures have been taken by our clinic for the protection of your personal data and will continue to be taken thereafter.

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